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When is it Appropriate to Wear a Velvet Dress?


If you’re guilty of trying on your velvet dress, checking yourself out the mirror, and shoving it back into the closet, you’re not alone. Many women invest in velvet dresses with no intention of wearing them beyond the holidays. Although this lush fabric is commonly linked to winter fashion, it is acceptable to wear your velvet dress any time during the year — yes, even in the summer!

While other fabrics such as wool and tweed are meant for specific times of the year, velvet is a versatile fabric that can be worn whenever your heart desires. It’s one of the most decadent fabrics, but you can still dress it up or down. For example, wear an off the shoulder velvet dress in summer, and velvet turtlenecks during winter.

When can you wear a velvet dress?

Summer and Spring

There are several ways you can wear the luxurious material of velvet during sunny seasons. Stick to lighter color palettes such as blush pink, lavender, and baby blue. Lightweight velvet in a crushed texture can be worn comfortably during breezy spring and summer nights. Wear a short velvet dress or velvet pencil skirt with casual tops during the warmer months. Avoid slouchy, balloon-sleeve velvet dresses, and go for silhouettes that offer a sophisticated look, such as an off the shoulder velvet dress.

Fall and Autumn

Wearing velvet during this season calls for the dressing down of this luxurious and often “royal” fabric. Pair your velvet dress with black tights, and boots. Wearing an off the shoulder velvet dress is appropriate for this season, however your shoulders might get a little cold, so try to cover up by reaching for a contrast color scarf. Adding a scarf will both will play double duty, it will keep you warm and looking stylish. Wearing black velvet is always a safe bet for any evening soireee throughout the year.

Winter Holidays

Forget about ugly Christmas sweaters. Bring glam to your holiday parties by showing up in a show-stopping off the shoulder velvet dress accented with faux fur cuffs. This opulent fabric will instantly make you the center of attention during work events and family dinners during the holidays. Immerse yourself in the festive mood by choosing holiday-inspired colors, such as green, red, and even the 2020 color of the year, or opt for the sophisticated richness of black velvet. Rich velvet can accentuate your accessories, you can go for super sparkly diamonds, to classic pearls, or go for gold!  All of these options, whether you chose big chandelier earrings or a choker, will elevate your look when you wear your off the shoulder velvet dress.


Velvet is a versatile fabric that can be dressed up or dressed down at any time of the year. Stop hiding your stunning off the shoulder velvet dress in your closet — it’s time to show it off!