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Itchy scalp and ponytail hairstyle

ponytail hairstyle

Itchy scalp is considered among the worst hair problems. Apart from severe medical reasons, there are many other things that can cause an itchy scalp. Talking about hairstyles, the classic ponytail hairstyle is the first one to cross our minds. The hairstyle may be very appealing for us to see, but it also has its negative effects. This article speaks about the interrelation of the latter with the former.

When held very tightly or kept for too long, Ponytails cause friction that leads to hair breakage. They cause severe damage to the hair follicles, causing redness and itchiness of the scalp. Here are some of the diseases that lead to an itchy scalp, with ponytails being one of the causes.

Alopecia areata :

Alopecia areata is a condition in which a person suffers from patchy hair loss. The other symptoms also include itching of the scalp.

Is hairstyle one of the causes of Alopecia: Yes.

Yeast and Fungal Infections:

Symptoms include red patches, flaky scales, itching of the scalp, and dryness.

Is hairstyle one of the causes of these infections: Yes. The hairstyles like ponytails, when kept on for too long, restrict the follicle breathing. This leads to the growth of fungus or yeast onto the scalp.

Pus filled Ulcers:

As the name suggests, ulcer formation on the scalp causes irritation, redness, itching, and hair fall.

Is hairstyle one of the causes for this condition: Yes, when the hair tied in buns or ponies are too tight, this often leads to the formation of pus-filled ulcers in several cases.

Conclusion :

Hairstyle is an essential factor that causes itching of the scalp. It also leads to severe medical conditions like Alopecia and yeast infections. Thus, it’s very important for us to take care of our scalp, which is as important as the other body parts.