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A Brief on Halo engagement rings and its different types


What are Halo engagement rings?

Halo engagement rings feature different halos of diamond and gemstones encircling several designs, including the early Victorian era’s designs. Not only that, they were more precisely and popularly used in the Retro and Art Deco eras. Halo engagement ring settings features are a gemstone that is completely encircled by small accent diamonds providing a dazzling look. Halo designs feature traditional cushion-shaped and round diamonds and are in trend due to their romantic vintage-inspired look.

Halo engagement ring setting

Halo engagement ring setting designs range from modern and streamlined to ornate and vintage. Because of their romantic looks, double Halo diamond rings are even more glamorous, providing an elegant look found in the rose gold style. Not only that, but Halo diamond also makes a center diamond appeared larger making it more attractive.

Engagement rings in Hatton Garden

The best place to buy diamond and engagement rings is the Hatton garden in the United Kingdom. Hatton garden is famous for handcrafted engagement rings. Whether you want to have an idea of your own or create one of the classic designs, it is always better to design from Hatton garden’s design experts to create the perfect engagement ring. The Halo engagement rings are always in style and effortlessly chic. The classic solitaire engagement rings emphasize the center diamond’s beauty and make them stylish, delicate, and defined where simplicity is everything.

Different types of Halo engagement rings

There are different types of Halo engagement rings having the center stone around, which can be of different shapes such as squarish, round, diamond shape with a yellow, white, or rose gold band. You can personalize your Halo engagement ring as per your choice with a center diamond in a twisted, straight, or double rings design. The most popular are the oval engagement rings or pear shaped

Halo engagement rings. Few of the unique styled Halo engagement rings are-

  • Split shank Halo engagement rings
  • Plain shank Halo engagement ring
  • Double Halo engagement ring
  • Pave Halo engagement ring

Why should you buy a Halo engagement ring?

  • Halo engagement ring can make the center stone look bigger, and the page design also creates intense sparkle.
  • You can get even more sparkles as the smaller stones also cost less.
  • The surrounding stones protect the center stone, which is the ultimate benefit of buying a Halo engagement ring.
  • They provide a romantic and appealing appearance along with versatility and style.
  • They bring maximum sparkle with the addition of a diamond-shaped band.
  • There is a huge range of fancy designs where you can customize the way you want.
  • Halo rings are evergreen throughout the eras providing a symbol of your present, past, and future.


Halo diamond engagement rings are popular and trendy among couples due to their beautiful romantic and unique contemporary designs. They are still the most sought after engagement ring settings and are even more appealing to the modern bride. Halo engagement rings are the ultimate showstopper.