The Evergreen Beige Pashmina Never Runs Out of Style!

Have you been obsessing over the cashmere pashmina scarf lately?

Well, if you don’t own one, it’s high time you get yourself one of these pristine wraps! Originating from the underbelly of Changthangi mountain goats found in the bosom of Himalayan highlands, these scarves are rare as they’re exquisite.

beige cashmere pashmina

Not just because of their price, the cashmere pashmina is ethereal because of the following facts –

  • The lightweight fabric can keep a person warm in temperature less than 30 degrees
  • The purest cashmere pashmina scarf has a fabric diameter less than 15 microns.
  • A single pashmina fabric is more delicate than a human
  • It takes approximately 2-3 Changthangi goats to generate enough wool for one pashmina shawl.
  • All authentic shawls are hand woven and made with careful consideration.
  • Versatile and unique, a cashmere shawl can be styled in innumerable ways.

So, if you’re all set to embrace the cashmere culture, shop for a versatile coloured wrap. The most flexible option is to buy the beige cashmere pashmina.

Why beige though?

Beige is subtle, smooth and glamorous shade. Additionally, any beige wrap would look good on women & men of all ages. A ubiquitous tone, and flexible to style, beige can be worked well with both contrasts & darker hues. From time immemorial, beige, red & navy cashmere pashmina was worn mostly by the royalty.

Today, the sentiments remain the same; however, the cashmere is used by men & women of all ages, to cultures.

In fact, given below are some of the most compatible shades and patterns which can complement any cream pashmina wrap shawl.

Match the correct shades to any beige cashmere pashmina!

Navy/ Cobalt/ Dark blue: Navy is broody and very attractive, to make it a little friendly and eye-catching, the crème or beige shawl works well.

For example, if you own a navy cocktail gown like the Bridgette Maxi Wrap Dress or evening attire like the smart Core High Necked Ruched Draped Dress, a beige shawl will do wonders to accentuate your outfit.

For a subtle college look, you can use any beige pashmina styled like French knot & pair it along with any Embroidered Tassel Top.

Muted Floral: Floral is in this season, and is a perfect choice of attire for Sunday brunches with your family or Thanksgiving dinner. To appear more mature and attractive, pairing dark coloured floral attire with a beige cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf is ideal.

For formal events, go for a gown like the smart Label Surplice Maxi dress and drape your shawl like a double wrap. In case of casual outing, any indo-western floral attire like a flirty Tigerlily Jolana Dress would suffice.

Canary Yellow: For women who are in college or younger, the canary yellow is a trendy shade. Bright optimistic and happy, wear ay off shoulder tops to compliment your beige wrap. In fact, check out the following looks you can pull off using beige & yellow –

  • For a daytime rendezvous date, pair the flirty Lace off the Shoulder Dress with beige cashmere and muted platforms.
  • A mini denim skirt with a canary shaded Caged Ruffle Cap Sleeve Top & beige cashmere will look perfect for a birthday party.
  • For a regular semester, become the style dive by flaunting your canary Off The Shoulder Top with ripped denim & a beige scarf.

There you have it! The perfect combinations to compliment your beige shawl. So find your ideal style and learn new ways to tie your wrap today! What are you waiting for?