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pashmina scarf

A Blue Pashmina To Chase Away The Blues

Blue beats blues! 

No, here you are not being encouraged to wear a blue gown with a blue stiletto, a blue purse and blue pashmina. This would be a disaster instead of being complementary. With every single color having its own significance, blue is most often considered as a cold hue. However, not exactly! a blue pashmina has a variety of its shades emitting different emotions, just take a look here at the popular blue shades available –

Cobalt blue pashmina
Royal blue pashmina
Baby blue pashmina
Turquoise pashmina
Navy pashmina

With other blue pashminas shades including;

Moonlight blue
Light blue
Alice blue
Plus a lot, lot more

If used in the wrong way, in incorrect contrasts, certainly it will appear to be a cold color. But otherwise, it’s a tone of confidence, loyalty and of course magnificence. You can wipe away melancholy with it.

blue pashmina

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