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cashmere pashmina

5 Pretty Ways to Slay Winter in Style with a Navy Cashmere Pashmina

Winter style is all about indulgence.

So, what else can glorify the winter fashion than a luxurious piece of cashmere pashmina?

The navy cashmere pashmina

Albeit being light in weight and super fine, a cashmere pashmina provides warmth. The reason is, pashminas don’t absorb sweat unlike cotton, rather they make you make cool and comfortable. Hence, they are an exquisite accessory rendering fashion and functionality at a time.

Available in multiple colors, navy pashmina is currently doing the rounds and is available online from ourselves at Cashmere Pashmina.

So, experience warmth and cosiness this winter by hugging one of these cashmere shawls, imported all the way from Kashmir, Nepal and Tibet.

Here a few essential tips with the navy pashminas and different outfits to make your winter wardrobe way more fashionable and useful.

navy cashmere pashmina

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A Green Imagination! Cashmere Pashmina Brings a Twist to Fashion

They say that if you do not imagine, then you have nothing to look forward in the world of fashion.

Be that the case, you today are a modernista who wants to challenge the fashion boundaries with every clothing you have in your wardrobe. And when you think of revolutionizing your basic outfit looks, your accessories come into play. On this note, it is the ravishing green pashmina which can be your new fashion bud with whom you can EXPLORE and EXPERIMENT!

A bit of retrograding on a cashmere pashmina…

A cashmere pashmina shawl makes you feel warm a cosy during the chilly wintry season. As it is a versatile retrofit, this add-on, this retrofit can be your travel partner when you are out on vacation, or you can also don a green wrap during summer as you stroll the evening streets.

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Wrap Your Winters in Style

Wrap Your Winters in Style with the Warmest Cashmere Pashmina Fabric!

The pashmina is known for its woven finesse, warmth and softness. It reflects elegance and style. From ancient times, it represents royalty, as it was a winter favourite for royal houses.

The word “pashmina” credits its name to the Persian word ‘pashm’ meaning fine wool fibre. It is also called “soft gold” and king of fibres. This wool is obtained from the inner belly, neck and chest of the goats that live in the mountainous region of Himalayas at an altitude of 14,000-ft. With increasing popularity, this fabric is also gaining strong western markets.

Care for the Warm Wrapping Pashmina Fabric

Pashmina fabrics are warm and soft. But they are also delicate and highly fragile. So they require proper maintenance for long time utility. Never wash a pashmina fabric in hot water of above 50 degree Celsius. Always use cold or regular water and rinse with hand. Do not use harmful chemicals and bleach for maintaining the colour and lustre. It weakens the fabric. Squeeze out water with your hand and dry it in the shade to protect its fibers.

For long-lasting softness and warmth, you can occasionally dry clean a cashmere pashmina you own. Also, do not use a brush to clean it, as harsh brush-strokes break these delicate fibres.

Buy Your Elegant Pashmina with the Right Blend!

Nothing can be better than a 100% pure cashmere pashmina. But, it also comes in blended textile variants. Silk fibres are blended in to give it durability and shine. But the proportion of blending defines its richness. The different blends are:

  • 70:30 – This variant is the most durable and luxurious as it lasts long and provides the perfect fluffiness, softness and lustre.
  • 80:20 and 90:10 – These ratios are not right fits for an ideal softness as they make it extraordinarily fuzzy and fragile.
  • Below 70 – Any pashmina with a percentage of pashm below 70 does not hold its true elegance specific to a pashmina. It also makes the fabric too lustrous.

Women prefer buying pashminas with medium size and blended fabric. Their retail price ranges up-to 500 USD. With domestic manufacturing of pashmina, we make these products affordable.

Pashmina or Cashmere: The Confusing Debate!

Obtaining pashmina fabric involves combing out the fur of Himalayan goats. Animals are not harmed in the process. But, cashmere shawls are made by killing the endangered species of Tibetan antelopes. The difference between a pashmina fabric and a cashmere shawl is the difference of values.

Also, during the expansion of the pashmina market, popularity and demand for this fabric rose high in the eastern world. The western market took it as a threat to the growth and popularity. Reluctantly, they trademarked the word CASHMERE for their exclusive use and benefit. Now, they use it for gaining high-profit margins without any value addition. They sell these products at a market price of 100 USD by inflating it up-to 1000 USD.

Buy the right pashmina for your winters and wrap in style to flaunt its elegance. We appreciate every woman’s trust towards this textile. You continue to pour us with love for years now. We are striving towards making the best quality available to you at affordable prices.