Match the Outfit with a Gray Pashmina for the Perfect Photo-shoot!

Is it your first photo-shoot post-wedding? Congratulations!! Now that you have that special person to stand by you and add that little blush to your pictures, wouldn’t you want to look your best? Well, in that case, bright colors and diamond and pearl sets, with sling bags and clutches are your best friend. However, there must be an ‘X’ factor to your get-up to ensure that your clicks are the best in town. Pashmina is the wrap!!

Before you read further wanting to know, how this would be the perfect wrap to your outfit, get to know that – pashmina has been in fashion since time immemorial. Initially, it was restricted to the royal domain of Romans and Indians, but in recent times it has made a comeback, and HOW.

From ramps to rooms, to parties to designer embellishment, you can always find a pashmina drape. Topping it all – the shade grey seems to be in vogue these days!

gray cashmere pashmina shawl

Set for the photo shoot? Here’s how –

The pashmina photo shoot to not miss!

The first thing that you must note for a photo shoot is – choosing your dress color. Also, which color would go with your gorgeous gray pashmina is also very important to note. So, here comes the shade card and its style range.

To start off with, go with the flow of the whole day – from the morning sun to the green day to the night.

If you would like to keep it bright as sunshine

There can be no better way to start the photo shoot apart from choosing bright yellow attire. You have options for a yellow dress, yellow top or even go traditional. Now, you can drape a shawl in grey on top of this and add on a diamond stud and bracelet to your look.

Make your partner drape a gray pashmina on his ensemble to match up the standards.

Let’s take the green thematic premise

A corporate look for the post-wedding shoot is much in the news these days. Hence, choose out an aqua-blue shirt with a lime green skirt and drape a grey wrap in a top-knot style. Add pearl studs and a dash of mascara to enhance your look.

For your dear husband, you can choose a dark purple shirt and wrap it up with a grey suit.

Now the dark black night descends

Nothing can be a better way to end this photo shoot session than opting for a bright black dress with diamond danglers. Tie up your hair in a fishtail plait or a bun and attach a broach to your attire. Now, get yourself a grey cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf and take it from one side and leave it free on the other side.

To top-up this look, make your man wear a deep ocean blue shirt with a grey or black suit. Just to add that twang, make your man don a cashmere pashmina  with a broach.

Quite a dramatic touch, is it not? Pick the colors. Coordinate the same with a gray shawl and see yourself and your partner dazzle in the post-wedding photo shoot!