Diverse Types of a Silk Scarf Makes it a Great Mate for Your Outfit

Scarves are one of the must-haves in a woman’s closet. Whatever their outfits are, they can take it a notch higher by pairing it with a beautiful silk scarf.

However, like with any other outfit, you must give buying scarves a fair amount of thought. Just because a scarf looks beautiful does not always mean that it will bring out the best of your outfit or figure.

That is why, before going shopping for them, you must ask yourself several questions. Following are a few of the things that will help you to get the perfect scarf to complement your outfits.

Opera Silk Scarf

Where are you going to wear your silk scarf?

As a working woman, you always want to look chic yet professional at your workplace. Also, you wouldn’t want to look that way when you are not on duty. That is why it is important to get the right silk scarf for the right place. For instance:

  • At the office:

For your office look, you need something sophisticated, something to give you a clean and sharp look. For instance, a blue silk scarf with glossy finish looks great when you tie it in a symmetrical knot around your neck. Also, the combination of pairing a red scarf with a white outfit and vice versa gives you the best clean-cut office look.

  • Casual outings:

When you are on a casual day-off, you don’t want to look serious and intimidating. That is why it is important to sport some vibrant colors to add the special flair to your outfits. The combination of black and pink especially is great for parties and casual outings as well. Also, sequinned and over-sized scarves are the best additions when you are sporting a monochrome outfit.

Dress according to your features!

Not everyone has the same stature when it comes to their bodies. Some have slender necks and can carry off the “knotted scarf” look like a pro. However, not everyone is blessed with a tall and slender neck. But that doesn’t mean you cannot look good with a scarf. With proper texture and styling, you can rock the silk scarf even having a shorter stature. For instance, having a thinner scarf leaves your neck more exposed, thereby making it look longer. Also, try not to go for patterned scarves as they tend to make your neck seem shorter.

Additionally, don’t tie a knot too close to your neck, as it tends to cover your neck up.

How to complement your dresses perfectly?

A silk scarf, if not matched properly with your outfit, can look extremely out of place. That is why here are certain tips that you can follow when it comes to getting the perfect matching silk scarf with your dress:

  • Go for monochromes. Scarves in neutral colors like black, grey, beige etc. can be paired with any outfit to achieve the perfect look.
  • When you are wearing a patterned dress with several colors, match the silk scarf with one of the colors in your outfit.
  • Do not pair a patterned scarf with a patterned dress. But if both of them have directional prints, then try to keep the prints unidirectional.
  • Try to contrast your dress and scarves.

With these tips in mind, it will be easier to shop for silk scarves henceforth. To avail the most variety in scarves, you can visit Cashmere and Shawl; they have a wide variety of such silk scarves in every texture and color to satisfy your needs!

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