A Guide to Buying the Perfect Wedding Shawl for Your Big Day!

US weddings are intricate affairs. There are numerous things that need a bride’s attention – her trousseau being one of the major things. Most brides spend thousands of dollars for the perfect white gown to walk down the aisle. So naturally, her wedding shawl or wrap also deserves equal attention as a part of her ensemble for the day.

Most brides prefer to don a wedding shawl for their wedding because their intricate and elegant designs can help to uplift their whole attire. Amongst the various types of wedding shawls available in the US, pashmina or cashmere ones are a common favorite of brides. Not only are they the best match for expensive gowns, but are also available in a variety of ranges and colors.

Wedding Shawl

Merits of the pashmina as a wedding shawl

An original pashmina from Kashmir in India or Nepal is a 100% handmade piece of apparel that takes quite a lot of time to manufacture. These shawls are made from wool obtained from a special kind of goat, indigenous to some parts of Northern India and Nepal. The wool is obtained by shaving the goats instead of shearing them and is hand-spun later.

Even though these shawls have been popular in the eastern countries since the 15th century, they gained popularity as wedding shawl in the US much later. And when they became a known retrofit, nothing could stop them!

Qualities of getting a pashmina shawl for your wedding are:

  • They provide optimum warmth and comfort. If you choose to don a cashmere wrap on your wedding day, you will be protected from chilly weathers even when you are outdoors.
  • The pashmina wedding shawls are hand-woven, and their intricacy of design depends on the craftsman producing them. That is why each piece of bridal shawl produced is unique.
  • They are available in multiple colors. For brides, white and ivory are obvious choices. But they can also play around with other colors as a contrast to their gowns.
  • These cashmere shawls can not only be used by the bride as wedding shawls, but can also serve as the best compliment to a bridesmaid’s dress. With their variety range of colors, bridesmaids can easily pick one to go with their dresses.
  • Pashminas are a bit on the expensive side. So brides who are looking for something less costly can go with Italian pashmina shawls. These wedding wraps are made from cashmere mixed with some other material like normal wool or silk but are as stunning as 100% cashmere ones.

Hence, choosing a pashmina or cashmere shawl for your wedding day can not only serve the purpose of keeping you warm but also uplift your whole attire by a notch.

Where to get a cashmere wedding shawl?

Once you have decided to wear a pashmina as your wedding shawl, getting one is not a difficult task. Many online shops sell original and mixed cashmere shawls all over the US. These shops source 100% pashmina shawls from Nepal and mixed ones from Italy, in a range of colors and designs. You can shop the shawls by color or quality.

These online shops sell high quality products and have many satisfied customers for their testimonials. Also, their superior customer support system works to their advantage in helping out customers with any query.

Apart from serving as a bridal wrap, pashminas are perfect wedding gifts as well. Also, donning them can make anyone’s attire for the day even more special. So if you are going to be a bride, make sure to get a pashmina for your wedding day, because you deserve only the best things for that momentous day!

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