4 Styles to Know for Your Handbag with a Silk Scarf…

That silk scarf in your wardrobe has been lying for years together – right? Neither a formal party nor a regular office day, you cannot find an occasion to tie it up! Also, the color may not always go with your chosen attire. Such issues – aren’t they?

In that case, if you want to carry that scarf to a party, then how about tying it to your handbag. What are the pointers?

  • Well that splash of color may not go with your attire but surely match your tote bag
  • Also, you will create a new style statement (imagine, who would think of styling a handbag with silk when you can wear it)

Talks aside – here are some of the top ways to style your handbag with a scarf.

silk scarf

The Rose style

As they say, a rose can never let you down, quite similarly in case of a handbag as well; a rose silk scarf is an ideal style for an evening party. Here’s how to do it the correct way –

  1. First, lay out your silk scarf and then fold it in a normal manner. Make sure that the labels are not seen
  2. Now tie end of this scarf to the end of the bag’s handle
  3. Wrap it once around your bag’s handle and then take another end and twist it accordingly
  4. After this, you can leave the loose ends and the scarf starts to coil itself accordingly
  5. Finally, twist it like a rose and tie the scarf

Why not braid your silk scarf?

Whether it is the French braid or the Fish style one – a braid goes equally well with formal and ethnic one! However, how would it go with your handbag? Check out –

  1. Here double scarfs are required and then tie one scarf at the middle of one end of the bag’s handle
  2. Do the same with another silk scarf and make sure that all the four ends are of the same length
  3. Now you will have to tie all the ends into a braid and attach a broach as per your choice

A bow would be no less good

Why just tie a bow on your neck (with a tie), why not do the same to your bag? Here’s how you do the same –

  1. Take a silk scarf and make a bow out of it hiding the label
  2. Now tie it from the middle to the end of your bag’s handle and maintain lengths of both ends
  3. Now tie a bigger bow, and you can style the loose ends as per your choice

Wrap it around your bag like a cover

Whether it is a combo color splash or a single color, wrapping your bag with it is a great way! Here’s how to do it –

  1. Take the scarf and fold it in three layers
  2. Now lay your bag in the middle and tie a knot in front of this bag

Now with all these styles at your behest, you can surely check out the ideal one for your bag. By the way – you can check out online sites for any silk scarf that you can choose out.