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December 2018

Match the Outfit with a Gray Pashmina for the Perfect Photo-shoot!

Is it your first photo-shoot post-wedding? Congratulations!! Now that you have that special person to stand by you and add that little blush to your pictures, wouldn’t you want to look your best? Well, in that case, bright colors and diamond and pearl sets, with sling bags and clutches are your best friend. However, there must be an ‘X’ factor to your get-up to ensure that your clicks are the best in town. Pashmina is the wrap!!

Before you read further wanting to know, how this would be the perfect wrap to your outfit, get to know that – pashmina has been in fashion since time immemorial. Initially, it was restricted to the royal domain of Romans and Indians, but in recent times it has made a comeback, and HOW.

From ramps to rooms, to parties to designer embellishment, you can always find a pashmina drape. Topping it all – the shade grey seems to be in vogue these days!

gray cashmere pashmina shawl

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A Blue Pashmina To Chase Away The Blues

Blue beats blues! 

No, here you are not being encouraged to wear a blue gown with a blue stiletto, a blue purse and blue pashmina. This would be a disaster instead of being complementary. With every single color having its own significance, blue is most often considered as a cold hue. However, not exactly! a blue pashmina has a variety of its shades emitting different emotions, just take a look here at the popular blue shades available –

Cobalt blue pashmina
Royal blue pashmina
Baby blue pashmina
Turquoise pashmina
Navy pashmina

With other blue pashminas shades including;

Moonlight blue
Light blue
Alice blue
Plus a lot, lot more

If used in the wrong way, in incorrect contrasts, certainly it will appear to be a cold color. But otherwise, it’s a tone of confidence, loyalty and of course magnificence. You can wipe away melancholy with it.

blue pashmina

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